What is Novartis doing to reduce the gender pay gap?

At Novartis, we’re striving to build an inclusive and equitable workplace that empowers all of our associates to achieve their full potential.

In 2018 we joined the Equal Pay International Coalition (EPIC) and publicly committed to achieving gender balance in management and further improving our pay equity and transparency processes across all our countries of operation by 2023.

An overall pay gap is often driven by unequal distribution of one gender in traditionally higher paid skill sectors and/or senior leadership levels. By focusing on achieving gender balance in management, we aim to positively influence the overall gender pay gap.

As a further step toward improving the gender pay gap, in 2019, we launched a new gender neutral parental leave guideline of minimum 14 weeks for all parents at Novartis worldwide, offering the same opportunity for birthing and non-birthing parents to take time off.

We also continue to expand our flexible work models to provide greater choice and flexibility to manage work around family and other personal commitments, so that all of our associates can achieve their personal and professional goals.

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In what way can EPIC be relevant to Novartis?

At Novartis, our people are exceptional. They do amazing work every day to re-imagine medicine and improve the lives of patients all over the world. We want to build an inclusive environment that values these unique and curious minds, where everyone is inspired to innovate every day by this shared purpose to re-imagine medicine.

That’s why we’re committed to building an inclusive and equitable workplace that empowers all of our associates to achieve their professional goals and lead us into tomorrow.

We are proud of our commitments to achieve gender balance in management and improve pay equity and transparency processes by 2023. Through our commitments we aim to inspire other organizations to take concrete actions, and at the same time remain curious and open to further opportunities to improve our organization.

Our partnership with EPIC and its partners facilitates the sharing of ideas and collaboration so that together we can bring about meaningful change.