Demonstrating commitment and leadership on equal pay – an EPIC Pledging Event

26 Sep 2018


One year after the launch of EPIC, global leaders, including Heads of State, CEOs of multinational companies, Heads of employers’ and workers’ organizations, and representatives of renowned universities and civil society organizations will come together in to publicly demonstrate their commitment to work together under the EPIC umbrella.

This event, which is by invitation only, will take place on Wednesday 26th September at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.  The main objective of the event is to accelerate the pace towards equal pay for work of equal value, in line with target 8.5 of the SDGs.

Participants will make pledges in line with the following criteria:

  • Be in line with the EPIC’s vision, mission and goals (see Annex 3 of the Pledge Note);
  • Be action-oriented, measureable and time-bound (objectives to be achieved during the period 2018-2022);
  • Be short, concise and specific (no more than 10 lines).

The EPIC Secretariat will screen pledges to ensure that they comply with the above criteria (see examples of pledges in Annex 2 of the Pledge Note).


Next steps

Registered pledges will be integrated into the EPIC plan of work, providing the EPIC Secretariat an opportunity to offer technical assistance, as needed, to the respective countries/organizations. Pledge makers will be invited to designate a focal point of contact regarding their pledges.

Please contact the EPIC Secretariat at  for further information.