What is your Ukraine doing to reduce the gender pay gap?

Over the recent years, Ukraine has taken a number of important steps towards decreasing the gender pay gap; among those, we believe, the main ones include the adoption of the Law «On Ensuring Equal Rights and Opportunities for Women and Men», and the approval of the list of 226 indicators by which data are collected gender equality monitoring.
At the same time, the Confederation of Employers of Ukraine developed Guiding Principles for Employers on Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination, to the first version of which the Government provided comments and suggestions and also conducted reconciliation of the final version of the document.

In 2020, the “Institute of Economics and Forecasting of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine” State Institution, within implementation of the scientific research state programme, carried out a study “Social and Economic Factors of Labour Force Mobility in Ukraine”, which made it possible to identify sectoral gender disparities in development and estimate the size of gender pay gaps.

At present, the Government is developing the National Strategy to Reduce the Gender Pay Gap until 2023. The first draft of the National Strategy was shared with the International Labour Organization, UN Women and Equal Pay International Coalition. The materials received are currently under review and will be included in the final version of the National Strategy, with account to the specifics of the Ukrainian labour market.

In what way can EPIC be relevant to Ukraine?

For Ukraine, EPIC is a reference point, a community of like-minded states and a source of extremely important knowledge: namely, effective practical mechanisms and tools to reduce the gender pay gap, methods of gender-neutral job evaluation, ensuring equal opportunities to balance family and work responsibilities, as well as realisation in policy-making and in executive positions, regardless of gender.