What is genEquality doing to reduce the gender pay gap?

genEquality implement Nudge Art™ research initiatives. This is a research-backed, customized artwork designed to nudge the beholders towards behaviours (“mind the adjective”) and beliefs (“equal work equal pay”) that advance gender equality. A Nudge Art™ research initiative involves data collection of the also giving us valuable data and insight into what works in terms of cultural and behavioural change. One of our 10 research-backed activations is “Equal Work Equal Pay.” Given that fair pay is an intersectional problem, we also promote several other actions in conjunction with Equal Work Equal Pay. You can read more about the related actions and research in our Medium article.

In what way can EPIC be relevant to genEquality?

With its broad coalition of governments, private sector companies, and non-profit/NGO organizations who all focus on advancing equal pay worldwide, EPIC provides valuable opportunities to collaborate with aligned organizations in ways that accelerate and amplify our beliefs & behaviour change initiatives. We look forward to partnering with the governments, companies, and other NGOs that are working towards equal pay. We seek partners in our corporate research initiatives, in our public research initiatives, and in our calls for policy change.