What is Gapsquare doing to reduce the gender pay gap?

At Gapsquare we develop software which analyses and tracks pay disparity, pay equality and pay gap data to produce instant reports for companies. Our tech tools, backed by a team of equality and diversity experts, automates pay gap reporting, and allows business leaders to look at the impact of pay inequality within a company, and close their gender pay gaps more quickly.

We are now driving change for hundreds of thousands of employees across the globe hoping to achieve fair pay today. We are building a world where work is fair and inclusive, where pay meets value, and where diverse talent thrives.

In what way can EPIC be relevant to Gapsquare?

Given the Equal Pay International Coalition’s scope and reach, we at Gapsquare are excited to learn from other members about the best practice around creating fair pay. We feel we will gain a better knowledge and understanding of the gender pay gap on a global level by sharing views, experiences and ideas with the other members.