What is Fair-ON-Pay doing to reduce the gender pay gap?

The purpose of the Fair-ON-Pay Association is to promote equal opportunities and in particular equal pay in society and in companies worldwide. It enables companies to sustainably prove their engagement towards Equal Pay by obtaining the Fair-ON-Pay certificate.

 The Fair-ON-Pay certificate is only awarded to companies that have gone through a rigid auditing process in which all compensation elements of all employees have been processed through a nondiscriminatory & scientific analysis in which it was proven that the gender pay gap does statistically not exceed a pre-defined threshold. Analyses are carried out by recognized experts and audited by SGS as an independent quality auditor. SGS then emits the Fair-ON-Pay certificate. The certificate represents an engagement over a four-year period, in which a maintenance analysis is performed 2 years after the initial analysis.

 Fair-ON-Pay is an association founded by Loran Lampart and Marc Pieren. As partners of the consulting firm Comp-On, they are experts in the field of compensation and have already accompanied hundreds of companies in various wage analyses regarding gender and other potential discriminating factors.

To achieve the stated mission, the association promotes knowledge to raise awareness in the topic of equal pay, trains experts who carry out equal pay analyses and implements actions to enable success stories around the globe.

In what way can EPIC be relevant to Fair-ON-Pay?

Companies are finally starting to understand the importance of actively monitoring and managing compensation, not only with the goal to be competitive, but also with the goal to be fair.
In an ever-evolving economic context in which ESG Criteria are gaining importance, EPIC represents an ideal platform to intensify the public discussion on equal pay as well as to share specific know-how and exchanges of experience.