What is EQUAL-SALARY doing to reduce the gender pay gap?

To actively contribute to making equal pay a reality, the EQUAL-SALARY has developed the EQUAL-SALARY certification process that allows companies to verify and communicate that they pay women and men fairly. If organizations fulfil requirements, they are entitled to use the EQUAL-SALARY Label.


Comparable to an ISO for wages, EQUAL-SALARY offers a concrete and practical solution to verify a company’s remuneration policy thanks to a high-level statistical analysis combined with a qualitative onsite audit. EQUAL-SALARY provides an impartial evaluation system that can objectively point out potential discrimination, allowing candidates organizations to take measures and achieve equal treatment for women and men in terms of pay and, by extension, among other a balance in recruitment and promotion practices.


To ensure credibility, we have developed a statistical methodology in collaboration with the University of Geneva whose expertise had been retained by the Swiss Federal Court of High Justice. EQUAL-SALARY has been financially supported by the Swiss Confederation through the Federal Office for Gender Equality. The European Commission has retained EQUAL-SALARY in its report on Tackling the Gender Pay Gap. The EQUAL-SALARY Foundation is a proud non-business member of the UN Global Compact since 2016.

The qualitative onsite audits are entrusted to world-leading auditing partners, lending serious credibility not only to EQUAL-SALARY but to the equal pay movement as a whole.


EQUAL-SALARY is intended to be applicable to any public or private organization around the globe. EQUAL-SALARY aims at Excellence, expecting full commitment from candidate organizations. The EQUAL-SALARY certificate is delivered only to organizations having achieved equal pay in practice, therefore setting the foundations for equal opportunities within organizations.

In what way can EPIC be relevant for EQUAL-SALARY?

Change will happen through partnerships between sectors and organizations.


EQUAL-SALARY believe equal pay is a basic Human Right and committ to the principles of the United Nations Global Compact and pledge to promote the Sustainable Development Goals 5 and 8.


Joining forces to gain momentum, be part of the big picture and finally tackle the gender pay gap around the globe in practice is part of our vision of a better world for both women and men.


EPIC is a great platform for spreading the word, sharing testimonials and raising awareness among a community of leading organizations, which is essential.


EPIC allows its members to stay up-to-date about the latest trends and issues on equal pay.