What is the Confederation of Employers of Ukraine doing to reduce the gender pay gap?

Since 2009 the Confederation of Employers of Ukraine has been an active player on gender issues. The Confederation was among the national partners of the EU-ILO project; “Equality of men and women in the world of labour” and conducted the first and only gender participatory self-audit of employers’ organizations in Ukraine.

From 2012 to 2014, the Confederation was involved in the revision of qualification standards in Ukraine. As a result of this involvement the provision of access to “men only” to more then 60 occupations was deleted, providing access to women (girls) to education and training for occupations.

Since its establishment in 2006, the Confederation has advocated for the equality of men and women in Ukrainian legislation. Due to the efforts of Confederation the draft labour code under discussion includes a provision on prohibiting wage inequality for equal work.

In what way can EPIC be relevant to the Confederation of Employers of Ukraine?

There are significant labour reforms planned in Ukraine. The information on EPIC activities and initiatives, along with best practices could be of high importance during this reform process to ensure