Putri Realita, Danone’s Global Inclusive Diversity lead, explains why joining EPIC was important

27 Mar 2022

“Danone launched, in 2017, One Planet One Health, a frame of action that reflects its strong belief that people’s and the planet’s health are interconnected. This frame of action drives our approach to doing business, with a strong focus on local relevance and anchoring with our purpose of bringing health through food to as many people as possible. Inclusion, Equity and Diversity is part of our 2030 Company Goals. It resonates with our Brands, creating an impact inside and outside Danone together with our partners. Pay Equity for All is one of our ambitions in our Global 2025 Inclusion, Equity and Diversity roadmap. We have started to publish our gender pay gap as part of our integrated annual report. It is also one of the key performance indicators being tracked in our Entreprise à Mission reporting. Danone, within all of its countries, ensures equal pay for women and men with the objective of a gap within a range of equity plus or minus 3 points. The 2020 female-to-male ratio is 96.8 globally, in line with the Company’s ambition”.

In June 2020, Danone became the first publicly listed company to adopt the Entreprise à Mission status created by the French Pacte law in 2019. The status was officially embedded in Danone’s Articles of Association and registered in July 2020. An Entreprise à Mission is defined as a company whose objectives in the social, societal, and environmental fields are aligned with this purpose and set out in its by-laws.

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