EPIC to host technical meeting on how to “Effective measures to reduce the gender pay gap”

04 Feb 2020

EPIC recognizes that a mix of measures – both legal and promotional, and at different policy levels, including at the level of companies – need to be pursued to effectively reduce the gender pay gap. On the legal front, a variety of innovative practices have emerged, ranging from the introduction of overall gender equality laws to the introduction of pay transparency laws. Minimum wages and collective bargaining are also important means of reducing gender pay inequalities. Other innovative practices to address pay equity include promotional measures such as equality labels granted to companies having achieved gender parity at all levels of remuneration, company-based action plans, codes of conduct as well as awareness raising campaigns.

In collaboration with the Government of Germany, EPIC will organize a meeting of its members and allies with the aim to understand the impact and challenges of implementing these measures, and to share experiences across countries and regions through peer-to-peer exchange. Discussions during the meeting will examine these measures with a view to identifying their impact and exploring how to replicate or adapt them to other contexts  by taking into account the conditions under which they are most likely to reduce pay inequalities and the gender pay gap effectively.

This meeting will be held in Berlin, Germany from 18 to 19 February 2020 in English only.