What is Ingka Group doing to reduce the gender pay gap?

At Ingka Group, we believe it is our obligation to ensure pay equity. All Ingka Group co-workers, regardless of their gender, are evaluated and compensated based on their competence and experience. Therefore, we set a clear global goal of 50/50% women/men in all leadership positions and pay equity by 2020.

Our compensation & benefit principles secure equal pay for work of equal value. We have a global initiative on gender equal pay and a workgroup dedicated to achieving pay equity throughout the organisation.

In 2019, a common global approach to equal pay was rolled out across all our 30 countries. Each Ingka country is now working on gathering data, analysing contributing factors, identifying improvement areas and performing concrete actions to close any gender pay gaps.

  • We have publicly committed to achieving gender equality, including pay equity:
    2016: Participation in the UN High Level Panel on Women Economic
  • Empowerment and commitment to pay equity
  • 2018: Signing of Women’s Empowerment Principles
  • 2019: EPIC Pledge

In what way can EPIC be relevant to Ingka Group?

Ingka Group submitted a pledge in support of EPIC in the autumn of 2018. The pledge says:

“We will roll out our corporate framework and approach on equal pay in the 30 countries where we have operations by 01.01.2019 – with the goal to identify and perform concrete actions within 18 months. We will also conduct an annual assessment and reporting – on the jobs held by men and by women and their base pay. We will report publicly on these findings in our own reporting channels – Ingka Group Yearly Summary – and other channels”.

We believe equality is a fundamental human right and is reflected in our key values. Pay equity is one dimension of it.

We have the ambition to be a positive force in society and to collaborate with organisations that actively promote equality. Our EPIC pledge helps us be transparent, inspiring other organisations to join in this effort and to close the pay gap faster.



About Ingka Group 
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