What is Equapply doing to reduce the gender pay gap?

At Equapply, we focus on creating a diverse workplace by offering a completely anonymous hiring process, which in returns remove the unconscious bias that took place most of the time. By incorporating more women to the workforce, as a result of our discrimination-free application process, and offering them a transparent and neutral environment to negotiate their salary from the beginning according to their capabilities and experience, we collaborate in closing the wage gap.

Moreover, besides creating a discrimination-free job board, Equapply has in place policies to educate its future employees and community partners about the importance of closing the wage gap and promote the benefits, for both businesses and the community in general, of a truly diverse and inclusive workplace.

We also have pledged to ensure that our employees earn and get the same benefits as
their coworkers in their same positions.Equapply will also work alongside community partners, and other organizations to expand the reach of EPIC through digital media,events, and other outreach efforts.

In what way can EPIC be relevant to Equapply?

Equapply will provide all EPIC members with special access to our tools and services in an effort to help these organizations to easily implement an inclusive workplace policy, especially in their hiring strategy.

Also, we see in EPIC a strong partner to educate our employees about the importance of equality and cooperation.

By becoming an EPIC member we publicly acknowledge our ambition to become one of the world’s most inclusive companies and our high standards of transparency.